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PLEASE NOTE: we are not currently running any programs. 

Our Skillz&Drillz

Dates: TBA

Meeting time: TBD

Meeting Location: South side of the Golden Ears Bridge. Next to the roundabout on 100a Ave. 

Location for Drills: -Pitt Meadows farm loop or Glen Valley just past Fort Langley.

What should I bring? Bring what you would normally bring on a 3 hour ride (food, spare tubes, fluids).

What should I wear? Dress for the weather. There will be short instruction periods where you will be standing and listening.

Do I need fenders? Yes, if it’s raining you will be expected to have fenders on your bike for the day. You do not need to have fenders if the weather is nice and the roads are dry.

Are there instructions? Each ride will have Ride Leaders who will be in charge of instruction and feedback.

Who will be there? Ride Leaders and all RSVP’d riders. RSVP by signing up for the ride (and paying) on our site. If you haven’t signed up and paid, you aren’t RSVP’d.

Group size will have between 6-30 riders. This depends on the number of ride leaders and the specific skills development session.

Why are we doing this? To improve group riding skills and to increase tactical awareness. This is all aimed at making you a better bike racer.

What if I am not strong enough to keep up? If you are having trouble matching the overall pace of the group, we will ask that you ride at the back of one of the packs until you feel you can get back into the rotations. If it continues to be problem we will assess if these rides are still beneficial to you or if you should continue at a later date.

Who is in charge of the ride? There will be up to 3 Ride Leaders present for each Skillz&Drillz ride. There will be a designated Leader in Charge at each event. The Ride Leaders will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Is this a no drop ride? Yes, this is a NO DROP ride. If you are having difficulties, please speak with a Ride Leader, and a course of action will be taken to address any problems you are having.

Can I invite a friend(s)? Yes, you can invite other riders. However, any rider you invite needs to make a reservation with us. Please note that we require all invited riders to have previous group riding experience, and have a minimum required level of fitness to participate. This is intended to be an experienced group ride event. Any invited riders need to sign up, pay and sign our Skillz&Drillz waiver.

How often do these rides happen? The Skillz&Drillz rides will start in November and run until the first week of March. Dates for each ride will be posted on FASTFACTORY.ca. Additional rides for the remainder of the season will also be posted at FASTFACTORY.ca

Should I have a power meter? It is not necessary to have a power meter for the Skillz&drillz rides.

Should I have a heart rate monitor? It is not necessary to have a heart rate monitor for the Skill&Drillz rides. However, if you do have one, we recommend you wear it on the ride.

Will there be a follow car, or drop off area for us? Not in most cases. Follow cars will be on an if possible basis. Please try to be self sufficient in what you bring on these rides. 

Do I have to sign a waiver? Yes, you will have to sign a waiver which will be available online. 

Do I need to pay for the rides? Yes, there is a fee for each Skillz&drillz ride. The sign up for each ride can be found at FASTFACTORY.ca.