Skillz&Drillz is a fun name we use at FASTFACTORY to describe our group rides. We specialize in providing a dynamic and exciting riding experience.

How we do this is by providing a structured group ride that incorporates technical bike skills along with structured group interval type drills. All of the Skillz&Drillz rides are led by an experienced group of Ride Leaders.


Road cycling in a group setting is both exciting and challenging. It involves the need to trust yourself as well as others in the group you are riding with.

Our Skillz&Drillz rides will help you understand how to comfortably, efficiently and safely ride in a fast paced group. You will learn how to improve your drafting ability. This will help you to save energy.

We will provide you with technical drills that will help you further develop and hone your skills that will become invaluable to making you safer on the bike.

Our Ride Leaders are going to show you the benefits of cadence range development, or (in other words) the ability to use your bicycles gearing to help you to become more efficient.

The Skillz&Drillz rides are going to make you faster. We will be doing a variety of group drill riding to target different skills. You will improve as the group improves. You will become smoother as the group becomes smoother.

One of the most important features of bike racing is understanding the tactical side of the sport.

Our ride leaders understand that being strong on a bike is very important. They also know that having a tactical advantage and understanding how to use it, is a vital step in becoming a better bike racer. The Skillz&Drillz rides will incorporate both strength and tactical training.

HERE are some answers to some FAQ that you may also have. 

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