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Our coaching services are designed for the aspiring and competitive athlete.

We specialize in working with motivated competitive cyclists. Particularly those who have jobs, families and obligations outside of sports. Time is often crunched and you don’t have time to waste on junk training. 

Our programs are created based on a comprehensive assessment of you as an athlete. This includes, your riding experience and background, your goals, as well as where training fits in your life and how many hours a week/month/year you can set aside for training. 

We then complete an analysis of any available historical training data – this includes any training logs, power files or other data that is available. To determine what we can help you achieve we need to know where you are at. 

In the case where wattage (power) data is available we will utilize it to build your past seasons critical power values. We can then utilize these to see not only where you are the strongest, but also where we can help you improve. These metrics are often referred to as Critical Power (CP) values, or your power curve.

The next step is testing. we build a testing protocol for you, so that we can see how you perform on a variety of tests. These become a benchmark that we use.

This information, where available helps us form a picture of you, the athlete. We then construct a profile of your current skill set utilizing available data and self assessment. This data helps us see where you presently ‘measure up’ against your goals, as well as any areas that might be holding you back. 

Where our athletes use power measuring tools we establish your FTP based on your assessed CP zones. We then provide benchmark analysis of your performance against known standards (i.e. W/kg for given CP values). All of this is assessed against your goals, time available and then we provide you with an assessment.

We then build you a training program to help you stay on track. 

If you would like more information about our coaching programs please contact us.