Our Services

We offer coaching, fitness testing, mentoring, skills training, training to race and group riding skills training for racers and competitive riders who are looking to make an impact with their cycling.

We specialize in working with athletes who have several years riding under the belts and are competing actively. In this way we can help make the most impact to those who we work with. 

CoachingWe offer personalized coaching and testing services. Our coaching programs are $250 per month (3 month minimum commitment). Programs are custom made for our clients. In order for us to design a program for you – contact us. We will email you back and ask some questions to determine if we are the right fit for you. 

FastLabs Athlete Analysis – We offer testing and analysis of power and heart rate files. We also do setting and analysis of power curve, setting critical power (CP) zones as well as establishing FTP and training zones. 

Group  Skillz&Drillz Rides – We conduct structured group rides to offer riders a chance to build their skills, bike handling abilities, speed and performance. Our rides are offered in partnership with the United Velo cycling club. For more information please visit our Skillz&Drillz page.

Training camp(s) – Virtual and in person training sessions to help build performance based fitness in aspiring athletes targeting specific events. 

Mentoring – The final frontier in completing the complete athlete, working on honing strategies, tactics and mental strength.  

Special Events – For the development of tactical knowledge, practice technical skills.