Welcome to FastFactory.ca

We are based in the Fraser Valley in the lower mainland of British Columbia. 

We offer multiple levels of coaching, fitness testing, mentoring, skills training, training to race and group riding skills training for racers and competitive riders who are looking to make an impact with their cycling.

We combine racing experience, cutting edge training techniques, skills and tactical development to help you to make an impact with your riding and racing. 

After all, it’s hard to make an impact with your riding and racing if you only develop one aspect of your riding. There are many aspects to racing.

Fitness is important.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is also important.

Being a skilled bike handler and being able to put yourself in the right spot at the right time is crucially important.

Being tactically astute and aware is very important. 

Being able to identify your competitions strengths and potential weaknesses, and adapt your tactics accordingly is crucial.

All of these components working together helps you to make an impact!